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There's some sparse, possibly pesudo-formal, information here.
Webmistress sakana-rin  pretty much woke up one day and decided to make an InuYasha site.

At fifteen years old, she had fallen in love at her first sight of the series [season 1 opening].
After the tv station aired the first two episodes of the dub, sakana-rin looked online
and found fansubs, fanart, fanfiction, and fansubbed manga.
Her Card Captor Sakura Souplet site was declining in priority, so one day the site just quit.
Changed to various free hostings over the years, got a domain.

[Feelin' Fluffy] began as a fansite of 'Souplets'- a blend of scripts and images for visual reading.
Something nifty, something unique, something that  pokes around occasional character insights.
People really don't seem to like reading into things at depth, though, so other attractions grew.
Links came, so did an expanding gallery, and finally there were some videos.

'Site History' does have partial archives of the older final versions;
though the  Guestbook's theme color changed with this latest version ^_^
So much site work over the years. :O

[Feelin' Fluffy] never aimed to  be too professional nor too shiny; so instead sticks around in the middle.
Wouldn't want to scare all the viewers away with perkiness or formality!
It all has to be designed around 'Inusoup'.
Webmistress sakana-rin works on [Feelin' Fluffy] in her spare time ^-^V.
It's her mind expanded.

If it need be known, all the resolutions [Feelin' Fluffy] is tested in are:
800 x 600, 1024 x 764,  1152 x 864, 1280 x 960,  1792 x 1344.
It's tiny but readable in that huge resolution. :o

I still like to keep the site simple.
It's readable, viewable, so let it be. ^-^V

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