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Contacting the webmistress:

If you'd like to spam complaints or rant excessively,
I now don't mind if that goes into the shoutbox/tagboard. Let your horses run! ^o^
It's the quicker way to say hello.

If you need to note that you've dropped by, there's a guestbook.
Use it as a guestbook :D. If you don't want your entry public, make it private.

If you must know series info, there's a heap of info in the InuYasha Info links.

If it's a site error, copy and paste the url if possible for things such as typos and missing pictures.
Mind, I do like to spell things like 'Tessaiga' and  'Sesshoumaru'. 'Inuyasha' refers to the character ^^;
Thanks in advance ^^
Your Name/ Nick:
Make sure it's one you can be reached at so I can respond. ^_^
Do check it's typed correctly.
What you need to say:

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