These InuYasha sites truly rock. Awesome, breathtaking... well worth a visit.

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Druihd's Fanart Site

There are a lot of insanely well-drawn pictures here;
look through the InuYasha ones in the gallery:
Druihd has incredible talent to draw what she sees and sketch...
take a look; it's awesome. Kumo no Su Spiderwebs

Looking for Sango and Miroku fanart? This place is incredible; seriously.
Awesome art and a friendly person.   If you didn't see those listed in 'InuYasha Info'
 from  the Ear-tweak creator, do visit them here:  

Deviant Selections:
Aside from those up there, here's some select fanart linking to

cat vs dog  deviation by *bri-chan
inuyasha wallpaper

Feelin' Fluffy -InuYasha Links
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