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The Hero in the 21st Century

[The creator who wrote it as a grandma passed away June 17, 2005]
//it's a little adult at times; in warning//

'Don't cry, Kagome," Inuyasha said. "I'll come find you in your realm." And then he died.
 But he came and found her anyway...
On-line Inuyasha doujinshi, plus fanfiction, fanart, humor.

This is an online comic by Kristine Batey, she is absolutely perceptive; I love her
fanfiction. Read it, it's quite deep and amazing, read from the prelude onwards.
And, if you don't understand what's going on,
she has written a transcript of her very own comic, panel-by-panel.

There also are fun, sporadic others. Great place to read up on.
One Tenth of a Picture

Also by Kristine Batey:

This is a really interesting take on InuYasha and some crossovers with her
online InuYasha comic. I recommend it to be read line by line, as reading too fast
quickly ends the game.

Also by Kristine Batey:

A beautiful story; well-written about Inuyasha and Kagome, years after the Shikon no Tama quest is over
 and the gang went to their original lives. I swear, this girl has a lot of soul.
Middle-aged Kagome, drunken from a wedding,
once again passes though the well's river of time after 20 years... Beso, Soledad, and Venganza

Thunk's fics are really good: Her way of writing is..striking.
Absolutely take a look, she pours her soul into these stories.
you'll find  this wonderful triology; along with stunning artwork by Vale, Irka-chan,spicysteweddemon -and many others.
She has such vivid detail in describing scenes.
I love the way the very text is laid out, and even their endings are awesome. 

Various fanfiction, about Sango and Miroku, thrive here.
Do be sure to check out the fanart.
Check out 'A Tale of Two Hanyous' here.
It's a romance between Inuyasha and Kagome. And, for a page linking to stunning stories, nominated into categories, head to
whenever things are online.

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