These InuYasha sites truly rock. Awesome, breathtaking... well worth a visit.

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Shrines/Character Focus

A beginning list of awesome fansites; listed here with their shrine niftiness/character-focus..

THE Sesshoumaru fansite:
Includes a gallery of related doujinshi, manga, and anime screencaps,his relations towards other characters, and so much more.

A lovely Kagura fansite, including a gallery, relations to other characters, and a profile.

A shrine to Kagome's otouto- younger brother Souta! .
Includes what episodes he appeared in, pictures, his relation to other characters, and his profile.
Status: No longer updated but still online.



Status: No longer updated but still online.
And may I say how GORGEOUS it is???! There's even a shrine to Miroku's eyebrows.
A good-humored site, indeed.

An Inuyasha and Kagome shrine, including moments between the couple and
a gallery of screencaps, manga scans, and doujinshi.

The site's front had a wonderful description! ^_^
One of the largest and oldest shrines to Kikyou on the net. We, the staff, hope you enjoy your time here.
At this shrine, we offer multimedia [episodes, music etc..], information, up to date news, graphics,
 interactive fun and more.

Status: No longer updated but still online.


A wonderful site to the manga Sesshoumaru and his supporting characters- with incredible detail.
Unbiased,too - it's fabulous! Go see it! So much detail to be found.

A well-organized site on the Shichinin-tai, featuring character profiles, episode summaries with anime changes,
doujinshi, various images... and many more.

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