These InuYasha sites truly rock. Awesome, breathtaking... well worth a visit.

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InuYasha Image Galleries

Wind Scar:

This site is absolutely gorgeous.
The gallery is very well maintained!
Features characters, weapons, movies, screenshots, and plushies, just to name a few!

Wind Scar
Inuyasha stuff:  

To be perfectly frank,
this really is the best, biggest, InuYasha merchandise site online.
From the manga, dvd, and various cards -  all things Inuyasha.
Anime Project Alliance Gallery: InuYasha

Ever needed high resolution scans for your InuYasha collecting/decorating needs?
Surely this will help- many, many large pictures.
Lost Wind Chime

Various images of the InuYasha characters, from Sesshoumaru + Kagura,
Naraku, to minor characters; as well as from the four movies.
Lots of rare images.

Inuyasha Fan

Here's an assorted gallery including calendar pictures.

Inuyasha - Karma

A stunning place! This points out to a large amount of anime and movie screencaps.
Signs of Summer: Inuyasha Screenshots Gallery

Maintained by webmistress Hikoto; capping InuYasha as she goes through her blog. A pretty site!
There are a *lot* of InuYasha screencaps there.
Her lovely blog- with comments!

Feelin' Fluffy -InuYasha Links
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