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InuYasha Info

The Inuyasha Companion

Whether you're new to the series or not, RumicWorld provides great depth into
InuYasha. You'll find an introduction, details on characters,
and a look into the works of the creator, Rumiko Takahashi.
Inuyasha Scripts & Episode Capsules!

Absolutely brimming with wondrous selections such as
the 'Episode Capsules'; together with transcripts of the English subs, trivia, and notes.
Articles also flourish with novelties- from selections such as
'Oddities'; which includes SHAM's product placement in the anime,
and mini shots of many items Kagome brought to the Sengoku Jidai.
A glossary and character guide both cover extreme detail;
such as the episodes for individual character appearances.
Yes, it's a very, very shiny site.
Inu Goya>Metro: Information
Here's some general info, with an episode list that includes air times, a little section where you can hear InuYasha clips in other languages, and a nifty 'Dear Papa' section. Ear-Tweak:
It's all about the boy with the puppy-dog ears! Kurohime is an incredible person.
Over here she fansubs the InuYasha manga and has lots of spiffy others.

One of those is 'Inuyasha: The Condensed Version'.

Another is the amazing fanwork. Visit The Puppy Files, a place spontaneous with humor, twisted stories,
and screenshots.
 If nothing else, head to 'File 3' in the navigation bar ^-^.
Check out the episodes on 'Friends'. They're insanely fun.
Hm, the site's now offline [2007].
However, there's a wonderful archive,
so do go on from here. Fukai Mori features many attractions, such a gallery detailed
with color scans from the manga,
a selection of the anime on various works such as pencil boards,
and separate screencaps from the four movies.
A nifty Wijering flash mp3 plater streamsInuYasha music in 'Music'.
Avatars and icons brim in 'Downloads'.
'Fandom' presents fanart, and  has a cosplay gallery!
The boards there have established a wonderful community.
It's a very pretty site. Being the TV Network that aired InuYasha,
Sunrise holds a very concise TV-table for aired episodes.
This very spunky realm is in Japanese, and also is an official site.

It also features a brilliant layout for a list of characters -
which is very pretty and concise..
Upon entry, it's the top menu's far right,
showcasing mini profiles for the
Inuyasha Team, Sessh Gang, Naraku and co, and Others.
'Others' holds the K-team of Kikyou, Kaede, Kouga, and Kirara, with Myouga.
InuYasha Information From Japan

This place offers a variety of greatness, such as the staff and cast for the series.

Commercials and trailers also flourish.

Feelin' Fluffy -InuYasha Links
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