These InuYasha sites truly rock. Awesome, breathtaking... well worth a visit.

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Random Sunshine

[Ooh, the random-ness!. :D]

These are amazing, no?
There exists an endless amount
Rinko Uno,  aka Runo, has such talent.

See the InuYasha dolls at
Scroll down to the bottom..
Be sure to see him as a Santa!

The tutorial for Inuyasha is  at
Pick up a good hobby today!

Take a look at Inuyasha's Puppy Ears!
Action Figure Silliness- it's ooh-ness!. Inuyasha in a Nutshell:
Flash vid for one desperately needing the
very basics of the first sixteen InuYasha episodes.
But know that the main villain appears here, as he did, you'll find...

Inuyasha's Run:
Her fanwork is amazing.
This flash quick is a run through the forest...

Inuyasha Sprites:

Nifty sprites from Inuyasha!
Do take a look; they are just too cool. 

InuYasha Galaxy:
Featuring a MUD [see site] an online text-based InuYasha game!

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