Step in, drink some soup. Li'l souplets of the anime, smaller than a transcript,
but bigger (?) than a sypnosis. Not intended as an episode substitute.
Title cards self-made for shininess.  

A ':' shows or precedes one who thinks or speaks.
These are in a dark blue, italics for thinking.
This color is vocab/extra info/comments, opening in the souplet navigation window. [if too big, it's in the main ^-^]
It's called a 'Looh' ^^; Just click 'Back to the Souplet!' to return to viewing.
800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 users: maximize window ^o^

Welcome to the Inu Souplets. Go on, try one... it's reading with pizzazz!

Feelin' Fluffy - Inu Souplets (Souplets)
Last modified April 22, 2006. (Souplet 13 added) :o