The girl who crossed over time and the boy who was just sealed [Page 1/7]

A chase- a dog-eared boy in pursuit-begins the story, in Japan's Warring Age, set in the 1500's.

It's a peaceful, quiet, clear, blue day. Blissful, serene..
Well, until this guy and some others start screaming...
Because this red-clad fellow evades capture,
and scares the birds!
He then tears through his net and glides across the sky. 
On his gliding journey, he further leaps atop a shrine entrance. His pursuers try and catch him, but he gains altitude, streaking across to crash into this place.
What a happy smile!
There's a purple jewel, glowing purplely atop
its shrine.
He takes it!
Some of his pursuers enter,
and try to 'harpoon' him...
...but Ears Pup here dodges, and the candle-stuff is hit instead. He's out! Quite flammable, that. Dodging debris and sailing through, he says,
I can now become a real youkai!
He descends down the shrine grounds and
heads into a forest,
but an angry someone
draws a bow:
As he nears a tree,
an arrow fires...
with great, murderous speed.

Ouch..poor guy... The impact of the arrow causes him to lose the jewel. Plus, he's pinned to a tree...
Down falls the jewel, along with this guy's dreams of becoming a real youkai. The archer is wounded; there is a blood trail.
Wind blows through her hair.
Notice the surroundings.
Plus, she was quite far
from him also.
Inuyasha has
some final words:
Kikyou... dare you.. He then falls silent.
Rigor mortis, one might say.
Kikyou takes a few staggering steps forward,
bending down at the jewel.

A girl cries out- Sister! Villagers arrive.
This is a horrible wound, that the poor girl has!
Li'l sis: Sister! This wound! Kikyou:
My inexperience...
this is the result of that.
All because of this
Shikon no Tama...

Kikyou's sister tells her that they need to treat her wounds.
It's too late already.
So, listen carefully, Kaede...
This... this Shikon no Tama...
 burn it with my remains... that it shall never fall into evil hands again. She grips the jewel.

Kikyou falls.
Kaede screams out Sister!!, and Kikyou -
Shikon no Tama... I will take you with me to the other world. Kikyou's cremation. And here blows the title card