Others who seek the Shikon no Tama [Page 1/9]

Pup-Ears seeks the Shikon no Tama, but is stopped by a spell. News of this jewel's return has reached others...

Kagome recaps the earlier events: Of being pulled into a well across time... ...by a really long mononoke-met on her birthday. Such a strange thing has never happened to her until her third junior high year. Beyond the well, she found Ears Pup; called by the villagers "Inuyasha",
a hanyou sealed to a tree..

...but his seal broke,

and he lives again.

Kagome was given the Shikon no Tama; a jewel sought after by youkai.
A jewel reborn within Kagome,

that holds great power for youkai.

Inuyasha rid the villagers of a demon whose power was increased by the Shikon jewel. Inuyasha seeks this jewel; threatening death should it not be given.

Ah, and the second episode begins.

Kaede tells Kagome that the jewel must not be given to Inuyasha.
A jewel of such power...

...a big power-source for a power-hungry hanyou.

Inuyasha announces that he will not go easy on her,

especially as her scent is that of a woman he hates, and begins chasing her. A bone fortunately trips Kagome,

as Inuyasha takes out his claws.

I'll cut you into two pieces!

You... you really tried to kill me!
Villagers shoot arrows,

which Inuyasha deflects.

He heads to the villagers,

and with two swipes of his claws,
servers two tree trunks.

The villagers run away,

and avoid the trees.

Inuyasha leaps atop a tree trunk.
Who do you think I am!? Don't mistake me for that weak little demon!
How bothersome

He is still as crazy as before.

Meanwhile, Kagome runs. That small white dot?
It's Inuyasha!

Run, Kagome! RUN!!! Ah! He takes a swipe, sending the poor Kagome
down the ground and the jewel thrust out again. Inuyasha:
Got you!
Kaede's doing something
with the necklace,
and the beads light up and flow.