Back from the Bone-Eater's Well [Page 1/7]

Kagome washes off several days of muck.
Shattered Shikon pieces have sparkled across the world, each shard carrying enormous power.
It's morning! Away from the village, down a stream,Kagome complains about there being no hot baths.Yup, she's inevitability cold.

Shivering Kagome:
It's cold!
Kaede's by an onshore fire, and tells Kagome to not force herself, and come out.

No way! I'm covered in dirt and mud!

Well, bitten by a demon

I can't stand this sticky hair anymore!
and kidnapped by a decomposing corpse; baths must be taken!
And our spiffy girl dunks herself into the cold water.

 Who's that peeping boy?

Kagome swims under like the water sprite she's not. Man, must've been some swimming class!
She thinks of the
Shikon no Tama.

And the recap begins. Kagome lives in the modern world,and was just the usual high school girl,

until she was pulled 500 years into Japan's past on her 15th birthday.
It took her through
a river of time.

How wonderful! I can feel my strength overflowing!
My flesh is returning to me! And her winding bones


You have it, don't you?You DO have it!

Brilliant purple light shines from Kagome's hand,-which she's surprised to see-
separates her from CW,
sending CW down the well.
Kagome further explains

 that youkai want the
Shikon no Tama,
a jewel hidden within her.
This jewel was first kept by someone called 'Kikyou'.

Why did it come to be within Kagome?

A hanyou called Inuyasha wanted to get stronger by using the jewel's power,and I was told that I have to find all the jewel shards with him.
A dream?
No... this is no dream!

Mister Title Card!

At Kaede's, Kagome holds the single Shikon shard.
How the hell did this happen!?
Stop barking, Inuyasha.
What happened to the jewel? The jewel?

The enchanted arrow Kagome shot destroyed not only the youkai but the Shikon no Tama within.
In other words,
the jewel shards are now scattered all over the world. I am not sure if there are hundreds, or thousands...
Even a single shard... in the hands of a strong youkai...

This will be a disaster.
At this, the fire roars up and sparks.

Is fault?

I do feel responsible, but...

Kagome, Inuyasha,

you two must work together and restore the Shikon no Tama.
Oh my.. ^^