Youkai Yura of the Hair [Page 1/7]

Memories, sealing, and answers.

Hey, remember Yura?
She speaks playfully and cutsey;
now in possession of the one shard.

Well, she's a hair-weaving gymnast and youkai,

who tried killing our girl, Kagome.
On reflex, she arched back,
to fall into a passage between two worlds.Yura thus tried knifing her.

She  puppeteers people using hair.Oh yes,
Inuyasha must not forget ...
...where he hid Kaede.
The title card! The Higurashi shrine! A dragon statue-thing!

  And inside:
Father, can what Kagome told us be really true?

It's true! I saw a monster come out of the well and take her!
Grampa gets the chance to tell a story!:
According to the legend passed down in our shrine,
The Bone-Eater's Well is a well that mysteriously cleaned away the dead bodies of monsters.

We next see him boarding up the well

and putting ofuda-type stuff over top.

This should do it!

Eh? You sealed it?

Yes, I sealed the well with strong magic scrolls and put a ward on it.
The well will never open again.

No...that mystical world closed off?
In that world, Inuyasha runs through the forest! Stopping to sniff!
Multiple sniffs!:
There's no doubt about it, it's her!
He heads to the well.

That girl's clothes...that girl... did she really go back?It's here!

Back to modern Tokyo!

Ahh...there's really no place like home...
It's like a dream; being at the feudal age moments ago..Her mind takes us through some flashbacks.

 It was the demon crow that took the jewel...

Kaede plays in her head: You must work together and restore the Shikon no Tama!

Yura also:
Oh no! Look at what you did to the Shikon no Tama.

That Yura...who was she, anyway? She must also be after the jewel..
If Inuyasha finds out I lost the shard, he'll go nuts...

Inuyasha joins her thoughts: I don't need YOU!
I can do this myself!

Hmmph. That's right.
The almighty Inuyasha doesn't need ME around...

A clap of her hands and it's decided:
Okay! I'll forget everything! There's no way I'm going back there anyway.
Mama calls in that a friend's on the phone, and that dinner's starting. 
I'm coming!
Ah, the necessities of home.