The Fearsome Prince Sesshoumaru [Page 1/7]

It's a clear moon one night,

where a very dignified fellow

-a close-up reveals pointy ears, so he must be youkai- waits, or watches, a stone monument up ahead.
A staff with an old man and woman's head carving floats, and a little green chap follows it.: Th-this is it![His voice is rushed and nervous]

Sesshoumaru-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama!

Our now-introduced friend walks forward with a cool voice: It's here?
L'il Green:Yes!

The staff has been pointing in this direction, our funny-hatted friend goes, ...and that grave has appeared before us.

I will check on it right now!

Amid the stones ahead are several snarling wolves.

They guard the grave?!

it must be here!
There is no doubt!
And so our long-hair fellow walks forward, his beaked companion following behind, making their way to the grave, surrounded by snarling, barking wolves.
The Fang..I want the Fang.

With it, I can become an even greater power.

Why can I not be content with my own strength?
How childish of me...
Is it just anxiety?
No, simply endless desire.

  The blind hunger for
more power.
Our guy remains calm, spins around, his single hand outstretched.   The Fang..I want the Fang.  

Ever more he spins until the
wolf carnage removes from
his bubble of space.
Title card!

The wolves that attacked are now dead.

Jaken, the Staff of Heads. Our green chap jumps off:
Yes! Immediately!
Jaken climbs up the
 stone pillar,

clears off some debris, places down the staff,

and watches the head carvings.

The woman figurine creaks up, opens her eyes and mouth, and wails! Oh no, the woman cried!
I guess this is not the grave we've been seeking.
He turns to see Sesshoumaru
cooly leaving,
Aah, Sesshoumaru-sama! Wait for me! Sesshoumaru-sama! and jumps down after him.
Our wolf pack runs off another way. In the hairs of one's head is a little clothed fellow!:
Dangerous, so dangerous. Just who is he, anyway?!
Hurry up.
We have to deliver this incident as soon as possible... Inuyasha-sama!