The Ominous Demon Blade Tessaiga [Page 1/8]

Myouga recaps the last episode's events, where Sesshoumaru [above]played a cruel game, of 'resurrecting' Inuyasha's mother. Title card!

Villagers, torches lit, call for:

One fellow finds her bike:
Oh, this is! Hey, everyone!
And the two flag the group over:
Where?/What's this? /Doesn't this belong to Kagome-sama?

Back in modern times, Mama's fixing up a bike. Sleepy Souta heads out and asks what she's doing so late.
Ah, did I wake you? Sorry. I'm just trying to set the bike's seat for Kagome's height.
You know, since she took her own bicycle over there. Next time she rides mine, it might be a little high for her.

I don't think sis is coming back for two, three days. She even took lots of clothes with her.
You're right. But I wanted to do anything that could help her in any way.

Sis's a lucky girl. Mama always cares for her like

Oh, my, I care for you too. Like wondering if you've wet your bed or not these days?
What are you talking about? I'm in the third grade, already. Things like that don't happen anymore.
Souta, you too help your
Sis however you can.


Ah, a shooting star!
Please let me win the lottery.

And back in happy land...

is Mother Sham!
Let me call her 'Chimera'.

Kagome pleads for Inuyasha to wake up-still her voice can not be spoken. Chimera:
Inuyasha, your mother must  return to the next world.
Inuyasha: going now?

Chimera summons

a flower, whose blossoms

softly ripple the water.

Inuyasha, look on the water.
  In the pool reflects
a distant memory
of a bouncing ball

and a cute Inu chasing it.

  Mother watches and I-chan drops the ball and runs to her.
Some time passes.

A modern Inuyasha
voices over:
This when I was little.

And 'Mother' does too:
You do remember. I used to embrace you like this when you were younger.

We fade to modern Inuyasha, being embraced by Chimera:
Now, be a good boy. I'll embrace even your heart.
Inuyasha complies

and she hugs him, but her hands reach through him! I won't let you go now.
Be one with me...
Content, his nose sniffs.