The Toad who became Prince [Page 1/7]

Well, last episode Inuyasha battled for his father's sword. Despite his added strength he still wants to become full youkai. But! Kagome has her own spell bonding her to Inuyasha!

Our happy girl :
Aah, it feels good!

Clean water, clean air.
This age really isn't
all that bad.

And that fellow up another tree:
It's already been three days since we left the village.
Maybe there isn't a Shikon shard in this Musashi area?

Hey, are you listening to me?

Ah, yes; you may be right. By the way, a young girl's skin looks so good...
Hey you...
Myouga jumps off happily:
I'll just take a peek on her.
Quit it already, I'll be the one who gets it!
Cautious boy!
Something speeds past!

Zipping really fast!

Passing Myouga, and Inuyasha's on the chase!

My, my, Inuyasha-sama..
I knew you'd like it too.
I love these
Inuyasha jump scenes.

Whatever it is shocks Kagome!

Startling him!
Pretty fly for a white guy.

He catches his balance
on the rock:
What? I wasn't
 peeping on you!
Kagome points:
Get my clothes back!
That white flash zips off.

There's this calling-leaf-flute sound, noted by Inuyasha.And in a grove of trees

this fellow makes the call!

Monkey jumps in with Kagome's clothes.

Leafer praises:
Good, good, Hiyoshimaru. Well done.
These are not the munchies he was searching for!

Inuyasha pops out!

Please give me back my clothes!
Who are you?!
You look suspicious!
That's our line.

Title card!

Monkey and Leafer gracefully snack,eating a lot.

You must've been really hungry.
Want some tea?
Leafer takes it,
drinking gladly.
Inuyasha, want something too?
Don't need anything.
If you did, my bag might get a little lighter.

Then why do you keep bringing so much when going through the well?

You know... my clothes...homework...
Things of necessity to time-traveler girls...
Leafer thanks Kagome for her kindness.

Kagome gives the introductions:
I am Kagome, this is Inuyasha, and
Leafer smacks a certain blood-sucker.

this is the flea, Myouga-ji-chan.

What kind of creatures are they? Leafer ponders.

You mentioned being separated from your friends, but...are you a nobleman?
I have reasons to
not reveal who I am...

...but I'm called Nobunaga.