Shippou appears! The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten [Page 1/7]

The title card!
The beeping clock!
Kagome clicks it off:
Okay, it's been
three minutes.

And what do we see?
None other than our boy, shoveling Ramen
into himself:
Wow, it's good! *eat eat*
Kagome, this's really good!
Kagome is unimpressed:
Really? Good for you.
Our eater:
You're not eating?


We pan down their site:
How can you eat so well in a place like this?! In this abandoned battlefield!
Suddenly saying "I'm hungry, gimme something to eat", then digging through my bag!
What a boy our pup is!
Couldn't we go someplace nicer like a beautiful river,
or flower field?

She plonks down on a rock. Really, there's no sensitive bone in your body!

He's eating a noodle:
Anyway, Kagome's world has so many useful things.
I was surprised to see that 'bicycle' thing.

But this time-telling gadget and carry-on food shows your world to be well-developed in trades.

Kagome's happy to tell of the future progress!:
Wow, just like you to be very knowledgeable!
She explains a dry noodle to be invented for space travel.
Space? both fellows echo.

Kagome's happy to explain!: Yes, humans later
travel to space.

Oh yeah!
Even to the moon.

They ponder how, and she answers In a rocket! It's about this big,
with lights at the bottom,

and goes KABOOM! 
Next time I go back,
I'll study more on it.

Our girl will be great.

Suddenly it darkens!

Our boy's prepared to fight!
he tosses away the ramen carton as Myouga scolds him for... littering!
What?!  Inu questions of the swirling vortex..
Myouga explains quite well:
This is a fox fire!
A fox fire...

...collapsing in...

*Pop!* [kapon]
In a li'l kiddie-ish voice:

Hmm, hmm.

The magic fades and we have... a li'l fox!
He rubs his bruised cheek.

A child...

But he's soon up and
greets Inuyasha:
What'd you do that for,
you big stupid jerk?!

Inuyasha tails him:
He's got some sort of tail!
What's this, a tanuki or something?

The li'l fellow protests on being a kitsune.
Kitsune? He's so cute~!

She queues up:
I'm next!
What're you lining up for?
There's a sudden heaviness.