Clash of the Thunder Blades! Raigekijin vs Tessaiga [Page 1/8]

Angels continues our story.

Cute girls talking about the dashing Manten!: Hiten-sama is great, but Manten-sama is even better! That dark hair!
I'm going to faint!

Manten chuckles:
Just as I thought, with some hair I can be popular like my brother.

He whimpers as away falls his remaining hair.


Disappointed, they fly away.

They all fly off!
Hiten cries out:
Wait! Where're you...
If I had hair...
If I had hair...

Ol' Paint's a skeleton!

He falls screaming
 into the abyss...

fallen off his bed.
Ever since puberty I was like this.

If only I had rich hair...
Maybe not as much as Hiten-anchan, but
I would've been pretty cool, too.
 I wish I could be as hairy and popular as Hiten-anchan... 
 A quick recap of our previous events.
Cue in the title card! 
Hmm, you amuse me a little, punk. I'm going to enjoy this. 
Keh! No one ever said that to me and
enjoyed it at the end!

Fine, then- 
My Raigekijin,

taste it all you want! 
Straight for our boy!
Yes, he dodges; but look at the force on that rock! 

He charges our boy...

and the two slam together their blades.
He drives him back, each blow blocked by Tessaiga.
If you don't block carefully, you'll die!

Hiten's hit and even I won't be safe...
Inuyasha, you take care of Hiten.

If I don't save
Kagome now...

Our lass:

Manten claps:
Get him, Hiten-anchan!
I'll help!

Two ganging up on one, that's cheating!
She shoves him down!

His lightning attack's
still effective... 
Ka booie! 
Whoo hoo!!