Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask [Page 1/7]

Kaede does a quick [?] recap of the cursed jewel. 
It bestows tremendous power for youkai and evil-hearted people.
Kikyou died that day, long ago, when she sealed it;
and it returned once more...
...on the day Kagome freed Inuyasha.
Title card! 
Yup, another green, sun-light day in Inuyasha country. 
We pan down to the well, 
and Kagome cutely peeks out with her bike.... 
and madly speeds!
But! It's himself!:
Hold it, Kagome!
Ahead jumps our boy.
Running away?
What about the
Shikon shards?!

She answers:
Step aside.
Tests start tomorrow!
She explains that the high school entrance exams
are coming up.
The way things are going, she may not have enough attendance to get by!
Eck, what're you doing?

Look at that boy smile!:
Without this Bone-Eating well, you can't return to your strange era, right?
I'll smash it!


Sit!Sit! Sit!

Sit! Sit! Sit!


I'll be back in three days; so don't dare follow me! And down the well
she goes through time.
Off screen, Grampa hums a spell and Souta asks if the weird chanting will work.

It works.

This chant is a prayer passed down for generations in our Higurashi shrine.

But you've been doing it three days now, and
Sis still hasn't come back.
[His prayer sounds made up, the cad!]
He lifts the bucket to perform the last ritual.
But just then...

What is this?
Smells like sake... [sah-keh]
Ah, Kagome!
My prayer worked!

Grampa, I appreciate your concern but...
She sneezes.

Grampa feels the need of a witness:
See? How's that?
Wow, it's for real!
Grampa, you're amazing!

My heir, I have now taught you the family prayer!
Eh, I'm your heir?
Of course!
No, I wanna be a soccer player!
So-soccer player? Mmh. Forward, or goal-keeper?
Never mind that now!
Help me with this luggage.
Alas, the two further converse. Our poor damp girl falls in defeat.