Tatari Mokke and the Little Poltergeist [Page 1/8]

Kagome tosses out her pack and announces she's back:
Is the bath ready?
I'll be late to school if I don't hurry.

However, a familiar voice is heard in the distance:
She's too ill to see me?

Grampa explains the fatality:
Mmm, Kagome's on strict bed rest for now.

I, this is a warming pad for her.
In tears, Grampa accepts:
I'm sorry to keep turning you away, Houjo-kun.
My... er, her neuritis should be better with these.

Kagome stammers as Houjo excuses himself and
Grampa farewells him.

Kagome sternly questions:
Who has neuritis?

The swindler greets her:
Ah, Kagome! Good news!
You're supposed to be in bed, so you can skip school today!
What are you saying?!
I WANT to do to school desperately!

You're a strange one.
Kagome narrates:
Only my family knows that I've been travelling through the hidden well
to the feudal age.

Besides, I doubt anyone else would believe me if
I told them.

Title card!

Ordering ice-cream!

And it does look godly.

Head-band to Kagome:
Huh? You're taking the math supplement course, too?
Kagome's teacher advised her to take it.
We're used to it, but it's a shock to hear that
you need it, too.

The school Houjo-kun is applying for is really hard to get into, you know.

Head-band takes
 a casual ear:
What? Don't tell me you're seeing Houjo-kun, Kagome?!
Stop it! Like I said, I don't have time for guys right now!

Besides that...  I don't know if I can get into high school with a life like this.


The Ka-friends notice the sparklers
these fellows play with
and agree that its pretty
and fun -
But wait.
Kagome senses something!
A girl, clad in a winter jacket, smirks from the Kid-Loo.
With giggles, she lets loose

a sparkler which

fwooshes into the fireworks package.

This can sting.

And smoke.

She climbs our to
survey her mischief.
Ha-ha-ha! Serves you right! She says in greeting.
Kagome alone pursues her:

Hold it!
She does, and turns.
Why did you do such a mean thing?
The girl is surprised that Kagome can see her.
Kagome scans her down and ponders on her attire - no shoes.

It's so close to summer yet there's this winter jacket.

She walks over and offers her hand:
He-here, I'll come with you
to apologize.

Pigtails slaps it:
It's none of your business!

Kagome is taken aback at this sudden hostility.

This sudden, fiery hostility.