The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired Inuyasha [Page 1/7]

With a refreshing sky overhead, students depart.
Kagome's a bit late, and grabs her school bag.
Hair-band informs her of their cleaning duty.
Kagome held a promise:
I have to meet someone!
Sorry, please overlook
it this time!
Hair-band: A boyfriend?
Frizzy: Oh, my!
She contorts:
I told you already;
there is no boyfriend!

It's a promise: 
I will make it up to you.
She heads out, but there's a fellow coming round.

He greets her:
It's good for your health.
Step on it.

Our girl's surprised at this.
The fellow came over after school...
The three place judgment:
He seems nice.../But a little individualistic/ Mmh, mmh..
This alternative to flowers...
But he pursues:
Higurashi, do you like movies? I was wondering if we could go sometime...

So, she wonders:
Did he just ask me out?
Frilly asks what she'll do,
Short-hair wonders why not, and...

Hair-band draws close:
Why don't you, Kagome?
You've never been on a date, have you?

Have you really, truly,
never been on a date?!

She begins to defend:
Of course I've-
never been on a date...
So, she's back, and nervously circles her foot.:
I guess I'll go.
Houjo leaves, elated-:
Okay, then, this Saturday.
It's a date!

Wait. I'm off to the other world..
What was I thinking, making a promise like that?!
Ummm.. can I go back on Saturday?
Don't see why not.
She's grateful!

I dunno what day
'Satur-day' is, though.
Kagome sighs: Oh.. let's go.
Pup Ears: Yeah!
Title card!
We pan this
gorgeous morning
down a sunlit stream.
It feels so good!
Look, fish!

Cap'n Pup's a bit annoyed:
Hey, Kagome!
We're not here to have fun!

The look-out replies:
Aye, aye!
Let's see... no Shikon shards around here!

Inu chastises the little one:
Shippou, you're a youkai!
Don't get seasick!
His soft reply is that
he feels terrible.
Sheesh, you two just aren't serious about this!
Inu sights something.
Just ahead of the boat are-

Long, silky strands
of spider web.
He takes a cautious hand-
severing the sticky web in irritation.

He's irritated, worried,
over something,
which Myouga notices!:
Lord Inuyasha,
 is something wrong?

He'll say nothing.
However, the group's attention turns to someone backing up to
the cliff's edge,
shot back by this Snarf.

Kagome snaps her fingers:
Inu watches the strange snarfy-thing zip back
into the bushes:
What was that?
Green Girl thanks him, but:
Th... thank you
for saving me from-

Those ears!

Leggo, youkai!