Current  updates: [2008]






March 15:

Began site, made a character page

March 19:

First Souplet completed!

April 12:

Gallery added! Character page updated!

May 1:

Souplet 002 completed! With around 380 piccies!

May 2:

Added more piccies in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery; began work on Souplet 003.
Souplet 003 Page 1 complete.

May 3:

Huh. 001 re-edit has 74 piccies now, at 5 past midnight!

May 9:

001 complete! Worked on some 003 pages.

May 15:

Added more piccies in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery! More neater now. Worked on 003.

May 21:

Five pages of Souplet 003 complete!

May 22:

Souplet 003 finished! Except for the Episode Cake.

May 23:

Page 1 of Souplet 004 complete!

May 24:

Page 2 of 004 complete! Then, soupies paused for finals ^^;

May 28:

Swapped around the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery pictures so my old messy ones mix with the new ^^;
Will re-do the messys soon ^^;
Five pages in the gallery now ^^

May 29:

Third 004 page complete!

May 30:

Fourth 004 page complete!

June 1:

Copied much of this place to geocities due to many pop-ups and stuff elsewhere.
Fixed up the Inuyasha and Inuyasha and Kagome galleries

June 2:

Added a Kagome gallery

June 22:

Fifth 004 Inu Soup page done! [Final exams.. ]

July 1:

Fixed up the vocab over the past few days,
removed the now unnecessary Episode Cakes.
Inu Soup 004 completed.
[Stopped that mini chapter intro; the Loohs can become more detailed as there's more story
and no school.^-^]

July 2:

Page 1 of Inu Soup 005 complete!

July 3:

Inu Soup 005's second and third page done

July 4:

Paused souplets, worked on galleries

July 6:

Four pages each in the Inuyasha and Kagome galleries;
added two pages to the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery

July 11:

Finally back online! Page 4, 5, and 6 of Inu Soup 005 done!

July 12:

Inu Soup 005 complete!

July 13:

Page 1 and 2 of Inu Soup 006 done!

July 14:

Page 3,4, and 5 of Inu Soup 006 done!

July 15:

Souplet 006's page 6 done

July 16:

And 006's complete!
Site may be slow in creation over a few days-
Dad's home three weeks here, he's in a foul mood.

July 18:

Page 1 of 007 complete!
Added a wallpaper page-began project-poem: 'Musings of a hanyou',
Really indecisive about it, may re-arrange its pages over the few days..

July 19:

Page 2 of 007 complete!
Second wallpaper up!

July 20:

Page 3 of 007's complete!

July 21:

Page 4 and 5 of 007 completed!

July 24:

Page 6 of 007 complete!

July 31:

Page 7 of 007 complete! [Man, my week was tough @_@. But quite fun too~ ^^]

August 1:

Page 8 of 007 complete...

August 2:

007 complete!
I must study...else be in more trouble later, so site paused a bit...

August 9:

Five pages in the gallery of Inuyasha now,eight in Inuyasha and Kagome
Polished them up so's many images are relatively the same size.

Took down that wallpaper project.

Renovating Inuyasha and Inuyasha and Kagome galleries to have the navy links as a frame,
getting dang tired writing it out for each page ^-^

August 10

Inuyasha frames gallery good, halfish-past 12 am. Inuyasha and Kagome frames - fluffy.
Inuyasha Team and Youkai Shots galleries up!

Kagome gallery; images relatively same-sized!

First page of Souplet 008 done.
More piccies in galleries:Inuyasha, Youkai Shots, Inuyasha and Kagome.

August 11
Inuyasha Team has three more pages!
Two more pages in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery.

Made an Error Report page.

August 12

Added a Sesshoumaru gallery.

August 13

Dang, school starts in three weeks so such and such must be reviewed.
Heck, I'll still work on Souplet 008 and the galleries a bit; but it may be slow.
Took down the color links on the gallery pages and made them this and this.

August 14

Added an 'About Me' page.

Modified Souplet 002 for sub frames.

August 15

Ten more pictures in the Sesshoumaru gallery! Ten more in the Inuyasha Team!
And now the rest of the Souplets are in subframes.

August 24

Just a note that I'm still alive- been having bad luck, and been busy.

August 26

Psst! Another page in the Inuyasha gallery!
Another in Inuyasha Team
Tai-tai gallery added!

August 27

Twenty more pictures in Tai-tai gallery!
Ten more in Inuyasha!
Kagome gallery has ten more also! Finally polishing it up a bit.
I had no idea several pages weren't working in IE the past week, even the front page; but they're fixed now.
Page 2 of 008 Souplet done!

August 28

Page 3 of 008 Souplet done!
'nother page in Tai-tai gallery!
Added a temporary rate/vote page. This could be a good or a bad thing... ^^;

August 30

Page 4 of 008 done!

August 31

008's page 5 done!

September 1

Page 6 of 008 done!
Another page in Tai-tai gallery!

September 2

And, 008's complete!

September 6

Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 009 done! [Worked from late to early and then some ^-^]
School starts tomorrow...

Sixth page in Tai-tai gallery!

September 7

009 complete! Began clipping from the dvd on the last page ^-^.

September 8

Page 1 of Souplet 010 complete!

And, my personal life may explain some slowness on the site:
Math teacher showed a lot of the world, really into it.
Like things such as robotics in the military, and robotic fish.
Plus, I must become academic, if not a slight bit; for the first two weeks.

Page 2 and 3 complete!

September 9

Page 4 of Souplet 010 complete!

September 12

Another page in the Tai-tai gallery! 70 pictures there in total!
Might work on some  stationary..

October 23

School slowing down site.. 10 more piccies in Tai-tai gallery.
Moved off some gallery pictures, added some shiny ones.
Polishing them and Souplets over the next few days.

October 25

20 more piccies in Inuyasha Team gallery.

November 6

10 more piccies in Inuyasha Team gallery, took down Youkai Shots.
Kagome gallery has ten more.
Souplet 008 back online; image problem fixed.
Another page in Inuyasha and Kagome gallery.

November 7

10 more piccies in Inuyasha Team gallery, as Page 3.
Another page in the Inuyasha gallery - page 7.

November 8

Page 5 of Souplet 010 complete!

November 10

Page 6 of Souplet 010 complete!

November 11

Page 7 of Souplet 010 complete!
The soups were offline around seven hours today; as no anchor point worked in any of them
after re-sizing the frames to show at a smaller resolution plus something else...
 but! The loohs now open in new windows, due to that.

November 12

Souplet 010 complete!
Shippou gallery up!

November 14

New galleries! Their picture status:
Miroku (10) Sango (20) Sango and Miroku (10) Sessh Gang (10)

Added a Shoutbox also ^^

November 15

Another page in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery [currently 60 images, 6 pages]
and Inuyasha gallery [80]

November 16

Another page in the Sango and Sango and Miroku galleries

November 18

Page 7 updated in the Inuyasha Team gallery.
[because I still like the last gallery page where it is ^^;]

November 19

Ninth Inuyasha gallery up.

November 20

Apologies for any hiccups in the galleries and souplets.
Having a bit of a hosting problem as some images took longer than usual to load;
so some are being replaced over the weekend. If this keeps up I might be able to get my own server ^-^.

November 21
Another page in the Kagome gallery and another in the Tai-tai gallery.

November 22

Inuyasha and Kagome gallery has another page!
Inuyasha Team gallery: Page 8 updated.
Another page in the Inuyasha gallery!

November 23

Another page in the Inuyasha gallery! [Now, 110 pictures of our boy!]
Another in our cheery Taijya, the Sango gallery!

December 4

Another page in the Tai-tai gallery! Another in the Kagome gallery!
Another in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery!

Poor site's slowed down with school. I have to get my math mark up to a 'B' and there's a big project in English class..
So, I'm off on an academic leave ^^;. But, but! Please do look around, and say a greeting in the Shoutbox!
It's truly appreciated ^o^.

December 11

Added a Midoriko gallery!

December 12

Another page in the Sango gallery! Another in the Inuyasha gallery!
And I've a math test this week, to make or break my mark. Mmh, mmh.

December 16

Another page in the Tai-tai gallery! Another in Inuyasha Team - page 14 updated.
Sango and Miroku gallery has two more pages.

December 17

Another page in the Sessh Gang gallery!

December 18

Our boy has another page! Yes, there is another in the Inuyasha gallery!
Our girl too - another in the Kagome gallery.

Two more in Inuyasha Team - page 2 was updated, so 17 pages now ^^.

And, another in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery.

The Miroku gallery has another page.

December 19

Two more pages in the Inuyasha gallery!

The Sessh Gang gallery has another page.

December 20

First page of Souplet 011 complete! Sure, I'm not putting it up till it completes, but it is an update.

December 21

The first five pages of Souplet 011 are complete.

December 22

Souplet 011 is complete. Now to kick back for the holidays and study for exams after Christmas break.
See.. I'm in a semester system, and the finals are coming... 
But, Merry Christmas, just the same ^_~.

December 25

Little near 2 am when I changed the souplets to not open in new windows..
it does look a mite resentful in IE but does make it neater on a smaller resolution.
Trying to design the site a li'l more resolution friendly ^-~.
Also means using css would now be helpful, if I get the time.
Added an 'Affiliates' page! I've one so far, check out her site.
'Scroll Pans' taken down for now.

December 27

Booted off a page from the Inuyasha Team gallery.
Still fiddling with layout of galleries and souplets.