Current  updates: [2008]






December 22

Page 1 of Souplet 013 is complete!
Added a little page about the webbymistress on the site;
and the general profile now links out from there.

November 11

The Inuyasha and Kagome gallery has ten more pictures.

November 8

The renovated Miroku gallery is up,
but the fellow's eggie counterpart looks like a bear...
The new Sango and Sango and Miroku galleries are up!

November 7

The new Inuyasha and Kikyou and Shippou galleries are up!

November 6

Added an 'Amv' page of my favorite InuYasha music videos.
I am rash to change things...gradually,  so the gallery and Souplet Looh
renovation continues.

The new Inuyasha and Kagome and Kikyou galleries are complete.
Over the weeks, the other eggie counterparts will show up...

November  5

The Kagome gallery layout is up, and still am customizing the Souplets' loohs to be functional.

October 29

The new Inuyasha gallery layout is up!
Over the weeks, slowly but eventually, the rest will be up.
Then... then it'll fit the new site layout.

Studying for a log test that's Monday...

A disclaimer page has been added, but still seems in need of some work.

Renovating Kagome's gallery and the first set is completed.
Again, not linking it up till completion.

October 25

Seven pages in the renovation of Inuyasha's gallery are complete!
Sure, not linking it up till it's all complete, but it's progress -
much neater in this new site layout.

October 23

Scroll 21 is up!
Gallery may not yet fit this layout [from old design],
and is still being converted to thumb shots.
A 'Disclaimer' page is in the works as well.
When the gallery is ready, the little modest site vote spot will return. ^^;
Scroll 22 has been added!

October 22

The compact version of Feelin' Fluffy is now the main page!
Resurrecting the temporary 'Scroll Pans' idea from last year,
and ten such scrolls from episode 20 are in the new 'Scrolls';
but its navigation is still being... fiddled with ^^;

October 16

Much of yesterday [at least six hours] was spent on making this
compact version of Feelin Fluffy!
It still needs some work and is being tested, but shows some promise.

September 21

Hookay! True, I do keep site maintenance, but I now care about school work
more at present. Just.. just so the update hold can be accounted for.
I love you for reading this.
Please enjoy a last dance.
Till then!

September 4

Added a new webring  in Affiliates!
So.. so I have made it into another webring. :~D
Not to be too selfish, but I am so sleepy with a minimal cold.

August 21

Souplet 012 is complete!
It may be a wee bit spacey in IE, but...
sakana-rin's going camping one week; so back in a bit ^0^.

August 19

Yay, there's a fifth page in Souplet 012!

August 17

Another page to Souplet 012!
Updates aren't to their usual standards ^-~.
Busy; yes.  I skate around and occasionally bike;
enjoying summer off the compy for a change. 

July 08

Souplet 002 returns! No text changes; missing image fixed.

July 07

Accidental formatting problem with Souplet 002; but should be back tomorrow.
Thought to modify the Rate/Votes page to include other people's input; perhaps this could help. Still kinda sociophobic to make a forum or such.

July 04

There's a tenth page in the Kagome gallery!

July 03

The Inuyasha and Kikyou gallery has another page!

July 02

A new page is in the Sango and Miroku gallery!

July 01

There's two more pages in the Shippou gallery! (Page 3 is now the first)

Another each in the gallery of Inuyasha, and Sango!

June 25

Hey, back again. The shoutbox was a little interesting..
I received a message that the site is too slow.
So, a more efficient 56-k version nav bar is on its way.
Site may be a little static as I'll be in summer school.
And, it's two days before my seventeenth birthday. Feel so old...
There's plans to update the gallery next week(today being Saturday and all..).
I am sad over learning of Kristine Batey's death, she had such insight into the legend of Inuyasha. Look for Lot's Wife on Google under her name.
Just... goodness, the writer of such good fanfiction passed away.
I still am linking to her fanfiction in 'Link Out'.

April 18:
Site paused?

Perhaps it is best to pause my site a little length; one midterm is coming up,
finals spam in two months. Gotta get courses straight for Uni too.
If I do update before June 19  I am nuts; though it may be Souplet work and site maintenance.
So, be off a bit. Till then...  sign the Guestbook, say hello in the Shoutbox.
April 17:
Souplet 12's page 3 is done!
Added a guestbook. Perhaps the shoutbox is for friendly greetings now.
April 16:
Removed one affy who discontinued her site; and am searching for others.. though maybe webrings are just fine. I am paranoid to speak to people.
Still tidying up the Souplets.
April 14:
And the souplets are finally all here; so hopefully loading images won't be slow.
Just need the weekend to move the looh's over. Any problems with the souplets should be fixed this weekend.

April 13:
Souplet 004 is back! Moving the rest of the souplets over from old site!
This will take at least from today to the weekend's end; as there are school exams delaying souplet maintenance.

April 12:
After a long while, Souplet 002 is back up.
And, rather more nifty than its old, contrasting self.
Today I also entered 4 Souls Webring, so that is good.
But now Souplet 004 and 006 are slow and are being moved till further notice...

April 1:
I'm now linking to Anime Fans Against Drunk Driving from the Affiliates page.
I'm well aware that it's Sakura's birthday from the wonderful CLAMP, on an off-topic mention.
March 27:
Second page of Inuyasha Souplet 012 done!
March 26:
First page of Inuyasha Souplet 012 done!
Another AniTate is in the making, but with one favourable picture so far.
March 25:
There's a new page in the Inuyasha gallery!
Another in the Inuyasha and Kagome gallery!
And, another in the Kagome gallery.

March 21:
Page one in the Sessh Gang is new.
Inuyasha and Kikyou gallery up.
A new page in the Sango and Miroku gallery!
A Kikyou gallery is up with two pages, but may substantially change without notice.

March 20:
It's five days after Feelin' Fluffy's existence a year back!
Another page in the Inuyasha gallery!
March 13:
Re-did the first Sesshoumaru gallery and took off the other page; it didn't seem too 'Sesshy'.
Another page in the Sango gallery!

Page 8 in the Inuyasha gallery is new!
February 22:
Still moving files from old site.

February 19:
Added an "AniTate" page! It's just that spiffy.
Spent the last few days redirecting pages;
received a real domain four days ago.
February 8:

Site paused, more pages for Souplet 012 and the Gallery
will be around March 21.

Alas, no site news; but something from Sakana-rin's life:
Seems the site will be paused for more than quite a while, with the webbymistress reaching the elderly age of highschool  with exams worth 80% of the grade or higher.  They just don't let one be a kid anymore.
There's also CAPP; where this fish must experience 90 hours of unpaid work for work experience.
Sakana-rin is starting to be pushed into the real world...

So, back around March 21. ^-^

January 22:

Added a temporary page called 'Extra!' which'll last around three weeks.

January 3:

Made an old updates page, and am still fixing up Souplet 008 and galleries.
This new update page uses no anchors! That's another update. :)
With school back tomorrow, less time on site with the finals so close.
I'm just barely keep a 63 in math... busy month for academics ^^;