Current  updates: [2008]






December 12

Whoo, boy. Webmistress was a little ill/tired recently,
and has also been trying to make A Cheeky Angel and Princess Tutu souplets.
Ah, what a dream it is... 13 episodes of certain series... I can see it so clearly and want to make it real. ^_^;
Meanwhile, Scrolls 59 and QuickPix 59 are now in the gallery.

November 19

There's been some Character additions to the gallery~!
Inuyasha went up 16, Shippou and Kikyou both have 11 more, and InuTeam 13 more.
sakana-rin is currently obsessive over the manga/anime Death Note ^_^.

November 13

Well, it was a long weekend here ^_~ - Remembrance.
For site news, though, Scrolls 58 and QuickPix 58 are in the gallery.

November 5

Scrolls 54-7 and QuickPix 54-7 have joined the gallery.
OMIGOSH YES. *dances*
Finished capping season 2!!

October 27

Scrolls 49-53 and QuickPix 49-53 are up!!

There were a few updates in the Characters gallery in Singles; listed briefly below.
Youkai Inuyasha: +35; 7 are scrolls.
Inuyasha-Hanyou: +36

Kouga+12, Miroku+11, Kagome + 10

Kohaku joins the album as well!
He's split into two albums- one as himself in 'Singles' and another as Naraku's adopted son in Team Naraku.

October 21

Today's gallery additions: Scrolls 47-9 and QuickPix 47-9.

October 20

Scrolls 45-6 and QuickPix 45-6 are new in the gallery.

Goshinki, Kageroumaru, and Juuroumaru have been added to the Singles gallery of Team Naraku.
Inuyasha has  new 54 pictures and a slideshow option. ^-^
Sames goes for InuTeam; except it has 8 new pictures.

October 19

Kirara is the latest Inuyasha group addition to the Character gallery!
The 'Singles' album is going through some re-modeling. ^_^
Inuyasha has now split into three to welcome two albums- Daemon Inuyasha and Human Inuyasha.
The regular gallery split off into a Hanyou Inuyasha.
Team Naraku gallery has been added with the still-growing galleries of  Naraku, Kanna, and Kagura.
So, the Inuyasha singles moved into a Singles gallery of their own- Team Inuyasha.
After all that thumbnail work, it's a slightly lower quality when uploaded though it was saved to photoshop's max jpeg quality.
Ehm. They are readable, at least, and I couldn't sit back to redo all that... more like a decoration ^_~

Scrolls 41-4 and QuickPix 41-4 have been added.

October 16

Scrolls 39-40 and QuickPix 39-40 have been added to the gallery.
More updates to come during the weekend. ^_~

October 15

Touching up the Characters gallery a bit-a Kouga gallery's been added!

There's now a Kouga and Kagome gallery. Inuyasha has ten new pictures.

Scrolls 36 has been added, and QuickPix 36 revised.
Scrolls 37-8 and QuickPix 37-8 came along, too.

October 14

The Character gallery has some updates today!
12 new pictures in Kikyou,  10 more in Sango, and 8 more in Inuyasha.
There's also 8 more in Inuyasha and Kikyou.
Lately, I'm  making the Character gallery pictures a little bigger. ^_~
Sometimes I like to add a scroll in.

Scrolls 30-35 are new; as are QuickPix 30-35.
So, QuickPix 36 will be revised later tomorrow... finally caught up to it ^-^.
There's some notes in Scrolls 36; it reused two others...

October 13

Friday the 13th!

There's been many Gallery additions this week.
The Sesshoumaru gallery will continue to be revised.
A Sesshoumaru and Kagura gallery was added.
QuickPix  now reached episode 27; which made for
a Season 1 gallery to divide away from the earlier caps from 36.and future
episode additions.
Scrolls also completed Season 1.

The layout is now in a lighter blue and pages are back to being boxed, so it's official:
Feelin' Fluffy, version 4, is now moved in.

October 8

Scrolls now has Scrolls 6 and 7.
Webmistress is a little ill; to shorty describe a bucket's needed.
Ugh...  I'm gonna sleep.. nearly Thankgiving.

October 7

Scrolls has Scrolls 8-15.
Yes, I am going in reverse =o

QuickPicks now has caps from episodes 15-18!

I'm happy about fixing that gallery problem for IE- the header links would
blank out before but now that's fine ^_~
Mildly revised thumbnail's text  for Characters to be, well,  'Characters'
instead of 'Anime', for that makes more sense now with all the updates.
Scrolls  got a real thumbnail today~!

I don't think I'll quite get around to making eggies for each character;
so I'll be removing Kikyou's eggie and replacing it with an actual pic..
and will do so for the rest~
It's still kept in the site archives, though.
The main gang will stay as eggies. ^_^

Started making thumbnails for albums in Scrolls, too-
only 22 and 23 are left alone 'cause I think them kinda ugly and in need of retouching.

October 6

Gallery additions continue!
The movies' caps were cut down and so are now less cluttered.
Epi-Caps gallery of QuickPicks now features screencaps from the first 14 episodes;
and also episode 36.

About six pictures from the Sesshoumaru gallery were removed and seven were added.
Man, that gallery does need work ^^;
InuYasha has 11 new pictures!

Scrolls now features some pans from episodes 16-19.

Dropped the Slideshow album of episodes 135, 137, and 138.

October 4

Hm, there hasn't been a new Souplet since April 22, eh?
Webmistress sakana-rin's been rather busy.
She's been considering souping the first 13 episodes of other series...

Updates do come here today!
The Gallery had a few updates today! =)
Inuyasha has 10 new pictures, and InuTeam has 3 more.
Kagome and Shippou each have 1 addition.
There's now a new Album, so Epi-Caps now includes QuickPicks;
taking a few screencaps from assorted episodes.

The gorgeous and beloved InuYasha fansite, Lush, was finally taken down today
from the links page but.. but if that site returns, I'll link out again.

May 4

Feelin' Fluffy was not working from May 1 to today; for
the head server people in interest of extra security changed something;
thus the ol' php requires bit didn't work.
Sooo, every page needing that [majority is Souplets] had to be
modified for the new change; and that was all done today
because today sakana-rin figured [finally] that out. Ouch. But yay!
Think it's slower now, but what to do... 

April 22

Page five of Souplet 013 complete! Page six, too! Yay!
And page 7, which means it's complete.. *dances*

April 21

Page four of Souplet 013 has been completed!
About 19 rows of pictures were needed there, ooh... D:

April 19

Started work on page 3 of Souplet 013, and that page is now complete!
Added a new webring in 'Affiliates'- InuYasha Webring Collection.

April 17

Webmistress' broken collar bone reallly hurting the shoulder area.
Nevertheless, Movie 4 is up in the gallery, and 'Inu Soup' has a slight new design.

April 09

There were some slight modifications today!
A recent review by the very uber Amber noted some things that can be fixed;
noted in the 'Thank You' page of 'Report Error'.
Again, it was a very concise review, and maybe in future I'll bug the reviewer
to look  briefly at 'About current layout',  'Disclaimer', and to visit the old layouts. ^--^
So, these are the general changes:
  • Centered splash page with a matching font for the rest of the site!
  • The site history was moved off the front page and now into a separate link
  • In place of the site history is an InuEggie with the current souplet number
  • Guestbook also centered :D
  • Shoutbox accepts more text
  • Note about text-size differences in 'Error Report' removed; 
  • the font attribute has long worked fine already :D

April 06

Well, the site applied for a review so is kinda static, heh ^-^
Sakana-rin is okay; x-rays not sent back yet.
The 'Profile' bit was modified just slightly to include a link to my Blogger spot
as I learn Flash animation.
It's been quite a busy school week with tests everyday
[standard tests along with missed ones]
so this is the more extreme reason for loss of updates.
Site-wise, there should be some pictures for a movie 4 gallery by the end of next week,
still too busy to work on Souplet 013.

March 20

Movie 3  screencapped now, yay!
I seriously went overboard with the images but it is very nifty in the slideshow.
The gallery was temporarily down but seems to fair well now.
"Inusoup" is in quite a pinch, ne? Held back by new formatting and life.
Maybe sakana-rin should take a break-
going to the hospital tomorrow for a bone scan... to be injected with
nuclear radiation o_O then my back bones'll glow for the scanner and such.

March 19

Feelin' Fluffy has once again gone under quite a bit of development-
scrolls are now in the ever-expanding gallery, which has also been updated
with some episode caps and beginning albums for the movies.
Currently the amv [how I'd love to call it 'imvs' ] page needs some more pixie dust.
On the picky side, the links up top look a little messy and crowded
so there'll just be minor adjustments through time.
The site's birthday was March 15, 2004, so happy belated third birthday.

March 7

Souplet 10 is up on this version!
I'm able to do my homework in the early morning, work on the site in the afternoon,
and really revise because I'm missing a lot of class by being mostly stuck at home;
and after Souplet 12 is up the site itself may be static awhile aside from Scrolls
because of such school matters.
On the brighter side of physical health, it's the time of year with all the pollen in the air
and what makes me have serious nosebleeds/fevers annually
because I can't swallow non-chewable pills larger than an m&m and Claritin ones are much too big.
Since I'm inside a lot, I'm missing out on that! ^-^

Souplet 11 is up now! 
And now Souplet 12 is.
Man, am I becoming more wordy on these updates?

March 6

This is now the new version of [Feelin' Fluffy]!
Updates are now on the front page, along with the two no-longer-updating-content
previous versions and their old pages and typos.
Souplet 10-12  are yet to be modified, and currently link to the old version.
All Souplets as they arrive here are re-checked for typos and their code skimmed down.
Good thing I'm homebound with a fractured collarbone,
strained back, and a little flu, huh.

March 5

In the php version yet to be linked to,Souplet 002 is up!
Souplet 003 too! And Souplet 004!

March 4

'Link Out' has been redone with a new catergory, 'Random Sunshine'.
So, the flash fanart moved into there as well with a new link
on InuYasha doll making! Amazing talent.

Souplet 001 is now fully capped from dvd! Previously from FiveStar's sub.

It may not show much,  but a php version of Feelin' Fluffy began evolving today.
With a few later adjustments, there finally can be an 800 x 600 version.
The main delay is setting up the souplets. So far Souplet 001 made it.
Why all this work? Pros and cons from the car accident.
I'm bored from laying around the couch or bed, my wrist hurts from close-range
writing, and if I must sit somewhere, why not at the compy?

March 1

Scrolls has been updated with select pans from episode 23!
Souplet 13 continues to be noted of completion; page 2!

Sakana-rin would like to mention briefly that she was hit by a truck on Jan 23,
fracturing her collarbone, wounding right hand, and really hurting back..
Such personal news could not be mentioned without adding site content;
though the majority of Souplet 13 was months ago.
Sakana-rin is mobile, should be fully decent in two weeks.
She's also just gotten over an allergy and water burning from the hazards of one-hand cooking; what a time this girl is having!
So, good news or bad news, she'll continue to do more site work in her own small way, and also deal with the fair deal of homework, oh my..