Current  updates: [2008]






Oct 2

-Acts 9,10[15]

Aug 16

Update not yet noted on site, but...
Whoa, I've been thinking that some galleries *could* be cut back a bit;
particularly pictures that may spoil one's appetite for the series.
Hm. That'd be a move for the anime/movies section.
So far, the manga section does only a selection of each chapter,
and isn't going page-by-page at all.
Moderation, moderation.
Okay, I am trimming down some galleries, and will note their recount later.

Aug 15

Hihi, gallery additions:

-Acts 7,8[17]
-Inuyasha[7] Kagome[6] Inuyasha and Kagome[3]

So, a new album's been made for Acts 1-8, called [Book 1].
Another album came along for the volume 1 characters,
so they've been moved into [Book 1].

I hope I'm not too late in noticing, but The Puppy Files,
an incredible InuYasha fansite, has now been taken down.
So, I edited Links Out and pointed the link to an archived page.

Heh, the front page text will have to change soon
to specifically call the site an InuYasha anime/manga gallery,
once the manga pics stream down a little more.... ^~^

Aug 14

Manga snipping continues in the gallery!
So, here's the list:
-Acts 3,4[33]
-Inuyasha[12] Kagome[3] Kikyou[2]
 Inuyasha and Kagome[14]

New album: Enemies[11] is up and complete with shots from volume 1.
When I'm fine with the rest of the pictures in [Characters],
they'll move into a volume 1...

Ok, I did add more in the evening, and will promptly name them with the number of additions:
-Acts 5,6[22]
-Inuyasha[7] Kagome[5] Inuyasha and Kagome[8]

Aug 13

I'm not uploading it to the InuYasha gallery just yet,
but I've finally started on a manga gallery. :^~^: Nuts, I know.

Well, I *did* go around and upload it!
Didn't think I'd reach my goal before the day ended!
Created two new albums for the InuYasha manga:
[Bookin' Pics] with 54 snippets from Acts 1 and 2,
and [Characters].

The second listing there has a few albums starting up:
Inuyasha[12] Kikyou[2] Kagome[9] Inuyasha and Kagome[9]

So, [Characters] will follow [Bookin' Pics].
Whatever I'm doing will be seen more easily as it moves along.
Also, I haven't yet made these additions accessible,.
but they will be after I'm done clipping from the next two acts..

Aug 12

Another episode in the gallery!
QuickPix 77 and Scrolls 77.

Character additions:
Inuyasha: (37)
Kouga: (11)
Sango and Miroku:(7)

Aug 11

Webmistress sakana-rin's on her way to college next month! :O
Dance class has been kicking along fine, too.

QuickPix 75-6 and Scrolls 75-6 have come into the gallery!
Character additions to come along~~

Jul 10

Hi! Feelin' Fluffy gets the addition of QuickPix 74 and Scrolls 74!
Lots and lots of pictures for that episode. ^^;

Jun 13

Hello hello! I did pass that test. Road test :D!
I've had a lot of website time lately, which mostly went towards SugaSketch.
Please check it out! Some of my favorite anime series are there.
Anyways, the Gallery's been updated today with QuickPix 73 and Scrolls 73!

May 13

Hiya! It's been a busy few weeks, and "The Test" is coming up next week.
Once that's cleared, I'll have more time for [Feelin' Fluffy] and [SugaSketch].

Link Out>>Image Galleries had a quick update today; changed a link.

April 30

After a long, dry sort of month, QuickPix 72 and Scrolls 72 enter the gallery!
SugaSketch [the multi-anime/misc portion of the site] has certainly come around this month,
so it may start an updates page soon.

March 29

QuickPix 70,71 and Scrolls 70,71 are up! Going to go through [Links Out] and take care of any dead links, and update the info from a few sites.

March 27

Bigger QuickPix albums may be here to stay-
QuickPix 69 is up with 106 shots, and Scrolls 69 came along, too.

March 25

There's been more than 20 days straight of rain here, with the sun finally coming out early this week.
Hm. Again, more Gallery additions- Scrolls 67, 68 and QuickPix 67, 68.
May stick to a lot of pictures for a while; this is the most yet! ^_^

March 22

Hiya there! March gets an update in the Gallery- Scrolls 66 and QuickPix 66.
sakana-rin has a mild flu here >.>

March 15

No March updates for the InuYasha site just yet (have you seen Lookit Dis??)
but.. but today marks the fourth year of [Feelin' Fluffy]!!!
It's also the first one where its birthday's been mentioned on time.
Happy happy anniversary!

February 26

Scrolls 62, 63 and QuickPix 62, 63 enter the gallery today!
Scrolls 64 and QuickPix 64 came along in the evening.~

Scrolls 65 and QuickPix 65 squeeze in just before midnight!

February 25

Inuyasha Music Videos has finally been updated!
Not only does it bask in a new layout, but it also has three new vids.
'Action' gets She's Kouga's Girl too! and InuYasha-mon, and 'Romance' gets We'll Always Be.
Whew, lots of work. If I love any other vids, they'll be up on the SugaSketch part, using Google's video tools. ^_~

As a vague little side-note, I'd like to note that I'm having trouble breathing.
Not as drastic like needing urgent help, but more like it's really uncomfortable.
Still have some crushed ribs/tissue from that car accident... will go to the hospital next month.

February 24

Hello again! A site to multi-series has begun and I may add it to the splash page soon.
What I mean is its little anime-promo section at ^_~

There's been a few updates in the gallery today. Scrolls 61 and QuickPix 61 were added,
while Inuyasha and Inuyasha and Kikyou had small additions.
Kagome, Kikyou, and Sesshoumaru also get more pictures.

January 31

Yay! Feelin'  Fluffy is entering year four.  ^___^
Scrolls 60 and QuickPix 60 are new in the gallery.
May seem like a small update, but the imv page is getting a makeover.
Gonna have the time of the vid showing as well and give it a play/pause/volume menu.
Two new  imvs will come... should finish up later this week.
Probably sometime the week after... so much editing O_o;;
Shameless webmistress is watching Tweeny Witches and Death Note.
Still considering how to merge Feelin' Fluffy with a mix of other series...