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This gives some brief info/building detail on  some of the different Main pages. ^^

I don't have a character/series info page on this site just yet; for there are many online
and I don't yet feel like I can give my own touch to it.

Thirteen souplets may be as far as it'll go because of all the effort going into it.
I don't know if I can describe/go into it as well as my younger self;
but the Gallery's QuickPix and Scrolls may share some resemblance- my latest project on the episodes. ^^

It's been edited as much as possible.
I haven't figured out how to neatly box the album in and don't particularly want to.
Well, the top navigation easily fits in a frame, so that's just how it'll be. ^_^;
Some albums feature a Slideshow, which I had to modify a bit to work decently.
If I hadn't gone to the gallery's code, it would resemble this layout.
So, I did all I could.^^;

It may seem to be cut off at the bottom, but for better or worse, it works best that way
for browser-ness. Some may have settings like 'resize image'; so each image
is loaded from a different page into that frame to make sure they're at the right size ^^
Here's an example from IE's Browsing Options->Advanced tab:

By default, that one is checked; usually scaling down images. I'm just playing it safe ^^;

In Mozilla browsers, it's best viewed because it's streamed. IE loads it completely first, and then plays.
These 20 swf videos average to 7642.75 k; and, based on a 56-k connection proxy, IE takes 30 seconds to load.
Mozilla browsers stream at least 8 seconds before continuing play, but after it's loaded one can play it right through ^^.
Perhaps after one turns down the volume, browses elsewhere, or eats a cookie and then reloads the vid,
it may play a lot more smoothly in slower connections.
Once having been a 56-k for  five years, I understand that one gets used to slow-loading pages else looks for
proxies that speed up the connection.
I don't mention the file size nor my favorites because it would crowd; and perhaps deter would-be viewers.
They all happen to be my top favorites and that's why I took the time to share them ^^
If you wonder why I haven't any InuYasha music.. well, maybe one day.
I like being decorative and have streamed with RadioBlog before.
I kinda want to create my own player, though. ^^;
There are several flash player tutorials and ready-to-download ones...However, the Gallery is the site's main focus.

Link Out
I do briefly mention myself having archived Hero21; which is true because it was so awesome and I wanted
a copy should the site go down.
Ba-chan, the writer/artist, passed away  17 June 2005 and some images that were down from the site for repairs
didn't return. It was then that I copied the site's comic and fixed the broken images with ones I'd saved years earlier.
In the end, it's still just a personal copy and someday I hope to ask permission to host it.
The guestbook at the current site is regulary spammed with things like
'FOR ARE SAKES LEARN TO DRAW OMG THAT'  and that just depresses me.

Well... To go back a bit, it was my website's dream to affiliate with Lush, Hero21, and InuYasha Script;
but felt my site has to be to their beautiful standards which I still aim for so never did ask^^;
In the mean time, I got accepted into webrings and proposed an 'Affiliates' page to mention them,
and was also asked to link-exchange. Some sites shut down early.
What makes me crazy, I suppose, is my wish for an affiliates page with InuYasha sites done by people
at least 15 years of age. Their sites would be at least a year old [shows dedication] and the age thing
makes them feel like family ^^; Oh, I do dream of the little things.
I like to scout around and see if there such InuYasha sites...

I link out to ShatterFlii Productions because Erika is a goregous artist and I don't mind helping her site get hits ^^.
She asked so nicely, too. ^__^

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