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[Feelin' Fluffy] is an Unofficial, non-profit fan site with no association to any in the InuYasha series,
 be it of the creator, Rumiko Takahashi, or  distributors of the manga and anime.
There is no connection to the creator, or  manga and anime distributors; electronically or otherwise.
Images are used Without Permission.

Copyright infringement by any usage of characters and images from the manga and anime is not intended.
This website exists as one fan's shrine to the InuYasha anime/manga series and fandom.

The featured music videos are credited as much as able to the fan who made them.
No theft is intended; its purpose is for them to be known. 

Recognize the InuEggies around the site?
For true inspiration, it branched off "I love Egg!"

The featured gallery is based from Bharat Mediratta's very spiffy image gallery;
though still heavilly modified/ruined by sakana-rin through editing code.  
(album and theme templates, css, code mods, slideshow)

Guestbook: Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1, slightly modified by sakana-rin.
(images, welcome, html disabled note, gbook alerts )
Shoutbox: Shoutboxes.com

Domain registered 15-feb-2005 through Canadian Web Hosting.
ICANN Registrar:  ENOM, INC.

"Feelin' Fluffy" name of site inspired during the fourth ending "Every Heart" after episode 61,
due to the danger the Inu Gang had been in and a very soft, warm feeling to hear such music.

Sakana-rin tries to remain impartial but her bias towards
certain favored characters/pairings/moments may be frequent in galleries and souplets.

Sakana-rin does not intentionally direct-link from other sites.
The featured videos and images are at her own places on the web; largely on this domain.

Stay Fluffy!

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