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Thanks to kirby for correcting Inu Souplet 001, pg 2 'jewl'.

Gratitude to Skw920 for pointing out 'correcting souplet 001' should be
 'correcting Inuyasha Souplet 001'; though modified now for
 'Inu Souplet 001'. 

Some good soul pointed out that 'critism' was misspelled at the Rates/Votes page Sept 7, 2005. Thank you very much!

Thank you to Amber of Absent Soul for reviewing Feelin' Fluffy
through the first two weeks of April, 2006.
It was an awesome review with design tips;
noting missing css for the 'Splash' page, and suggesting it to be centered.
I'm nearly falling into a puddle of embarrassment at her comments
because it's hard for me to speak to people,
but it is all quite a morale booster. ^-^
Amber also noted that the 'History' section isn't suited for the front page;
so it divided into a separate link.
She read the profile thoroughly and looked through each picture of the gallery. Though it was mentioned that a few could be removed
because of their similarity, they look *very* nifty in an IE slideshow.
That's another great thing Amber mentioned-
putting best slideshow viewing notes in the gallery itself;
a feature soon to follow.
She loved 'inusoup' as well, I'm so happy! :D :D
And so thank you, thank you very much for the extensive review.

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